Import the layout

How to import the layout into the divi builder

Download the layout

After purchasing the layout, you will have a zip file with :

  • Loops Headers Designs.json

  • license.txt

Also, as an additional product you will find:

  • css.txt

  • Create your header.json

The css.txt file contains some CSS code to add (I'll show you how in the next step, don't worry it's simple) and the json file is the layout corresponding to this page: https: //loops.divi-layouts- This layout is not necessary as long as this page is accessible but I preferred to put it. I'll explain what this page is for here.

Layout Import

  • Extract the .zip file on your computer (You’ll get a Loop Headers.json file)

  • Open the page where you want to import the layout

  • Enable the Visual Builder

  • Drag the .json file from your computer and drop it on the page

  • A popup will appear, click on the "Remove existing content" checkbox and click the "Import Divi Builder Layout" button. Be careful, this will replace the current content of the page with the layout content.

That's it ! 😄

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