Change color scheme

To change the hover color of the menu links, go to the settings of the menu module, then in advanced >> custom CSS >> Menu Link, on the first line you will see :

linear-gradient(to right,#564CFF 50%,rgb(0,0,0) 50%)

Change the color code #564CFF with the one you want !

Good to know: you can use the divi color picker to select your color !

Change sub menu hover color

To change the border color of the sub menu links animation, you just have to modify the line 88 of the CSS code you have copied and paste when installing the layout ; this line :

background: #564cff;

Change the color code #564cff with the color code you want !

Divi Find & Replace options

This allows you to make sweeping changes across your entire page instantly, saving you hours upon hours of editing time with the click of a button.

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